Axel'One is a collaborative innovation platform, unique in France, dedicated to chemistry and environment, giving a new impulse to innovative ways of approaching collaborative research. Focussed on two areas of excellence: innovative materials and innovative processes, the Axel'One platform provides support and hosting services for companies and R&D projects (whether French or European), giving them the means to succeed in the field of Chemistry-Environment.

  Since 2012, the Axel'One platform has brought together academic Partners, VSEs and SMEs and industrial enterprises in one location around shared research tools. Experimentation, ranging from basic research to the pre-industrial stage, aims to meet market challenges in areas in which the Rhône-Alpes region has particular strengths: energy efficiency, process optimization, lighter materials and biosourced materials.

The Axel'One platform extends across the metropolitan Lyon area and is comprised of three interacting facilities (PPI, PMI and Campus).

  To facilitate the transition from idea to industrial reality, and ensure the excellence of the expertise and services offered, each of the Axel'One platforms is attached to an existing R&D facility of one of the founding Partners.