Johnson Matthey is a leading speciality chemicals company

As a business, we always aim to deliver what we promise.
We work together, applying our expertise in advanced materials and technology to innovate and improve solutions that:

• are valued by our customers;
• optimise the use of natural resources; and
• enhance the quality of life for the people of the world, both for today and for the future

A leader in sustainable technologies

Johnson Matthey is focused on developing value adding sustainable technologies to our customers and to society.

Today, 89% of the group's sales represent products and services which provide sustainability benefits, i.e. through the positive impact they have on the environment, resource efficiency or human health.

A truly global company

With operations in over 30 countries, Johnson Matthey is a truly global company. We sell our products around the world which provides stability in times of regional market uncertainty. Year on year we are increasing our sales to developing markets and expanding our operations to support this global growth.

Focused on key markets

We focus on key markets where we can innovate and improve solutions for our customers through applying our expertise in advanced materials and technology.

This enables us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors and achieve leading industry positions with high margin products.

What we do

We focus on clean air, clean energy and low carbon technologies and are experts in the application and recycling of precious metals.

Johnson Matthey has operations in over 30 countries and employs around 13,000 people. Our products and services are sold across the world to a wide range of advanced technology industries.

Experts in advanced materials and technology

Whether it is harnessing chemical properties at an atomic scale or applying our engineering skills to create new solutions, developing advanced materials and technology is what we do best. We invest in Research and Development to make sure we stay ahead of the game. In 2014/15 we increased our gross investment in R&D by 12% to £169.9 million.